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Me and Jeremy Piven.

Jeremy is the hardest working actor, I know. It’s high time he finally got a break. If you haven’t watched HBO’s “Entourage,” you’re missing out, Jeremy IS the show.


Arj Barker and me on a three-week tour.

Arj is the most talented undiscovered comic I know. The only comic to make me laugh so hard I almost peed myself.


Keith Robinson, Ian Edwards, Patrice O’Neal and little ‘ole me

We were the only American comics at this gig. Thank goodness I wore leather.


These are the brothers and sister I never knew I had.

My birthmother gave me up and later ended up marrying my birthfather and having five more kids with him. It’s a great story that ended even better.


Marc DeCarlo and me

Working hard on a project. See the sweat? Chicago people; work hard, play hard, and search for good pizza. In LA? I’m still looking.


My kids with the new baby.

Don’t they look thrilled?


Keanu Reeves and me.

Too bad we both look ridiculous.


David Strassman isn’t just a funny guy

He’s an international one. We worked together at the Melbourne Comedy Festival and I’ve never forgotten his ventriloquist rendition of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. I saw it four times.


Me, Toby Keith and Sidney Hobbs.

I’ll never open for a rock band again without having my head checked for fur balls. But country singers? Their audiences are heavenly, happy even if you spray them with cow dung.


Ed O’Neil and me

when I was working on “Married With Children.” 'Member that show? I look like I’m twelve.