STAND-UP Television:

COMIC DIVAS LIVE                                            Comic                                                    Corbin Entertainment

LAUGH IT OFF                                                     Host, Featured Comic                        Grace Productions

THE WEST END  COMEDY                               Comic                                                    LA Productions w/Pax Television

COMIC RELIEF IV                                               Skit with Billy Crystal                           HBO Productions


Hosting: Live Events/Television:

Host of Corporate luncheons, Dinners and Award Ceremonies (see for full list)

MS Foundation, Disney, Medline Industries, Town and Country, PBC Family Publications, NYC Printing, Jr. Blind Association…etc.

HUMPHREY B. BEAR                                         Host  (Series)                                       Major League Ent. / Australia

L.A. EXCLUSIVE                                                 Host  (Pilot)                                           Adelphio Communications/PAX TV

HOLLYWOOD FOLLIES                                     Host                                                        Adelante Entertainment


Web Series:

THE BOOKIE                                                        Host                                                        Chris Brown (“Friends”) & ESPN

LIVING WITH JACKIE                                         Jackie                                                    TRS Productions

THE LIFE EXPERT                                              Host                                                        SDK Entertainment




DEATH IS a TANGO                                           Lead                                                       Valerie Plimpton

HERCULES                                                          Co-Star                                                  Pacific Renaissance Productions

XENA                                                                     Co-Star                                                  Pacific Renaissance Productions

BEAST (Cannes Winner)                                   Lead                                                      Rick Montgomery

REMBERENCE    (Festival Winner)                 Lead                                                       Justin Schwartz

SIX DAYS SEVEN NIGHTS                               Featured                                                Ivan Reitman

THE AGENDA  (Festivals)                                 Supporting                                            Micah Delhauer


STAND-UP Clubs (just a small sample of the hundreds domestic & international clubs/contests):

US MILITARY Bases – International Locations                                                              AKA Productions

NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES                                                                                           Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong

IMROV                                                                                                                                   Irvine & Ontario, CA

COMEDY STORE                                                                                                                New York  & Los Angeles

ROCKY MOUNTAIN LAFF OFF                                                                                         Salt Lake City, UT

NEW ZEALAND COMEDY FESTIVAL                                                                             Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch

MELBOURNE COMEDY FESTIVAL                                                                                                 Melbourne, Australia

ZANIES                                                                                                                                  Chicago, St. Charles, Vernon Hills

GOTHAM                                                                                                                               New York

JOKERS WILD                                                                                                                     Nassau, Bahamas



FOR LOVERS ONLY                                           Show Host                                            97FM / Classic Hits

COMMERCIALS / VOICE OVERS:             Conflicting products available upon request.



Improvisation                                                       Second City Conservatory (Graduate)            Los Angeles

Scene Study                                                         Bob Morrisey/Reel Pros                                     Los Angeles

Meisner                                                                 Michael Saccente                                                Auckland, New Zealand

Cold Reading                                                       Brian Reise                                                           Los Angeles

Commercials                                                       The Amazing Carolyne Barry                           Los Angeles

On Camera / Reporting                                      Jann Carl / Entertainment Tonight                   Los Angeles

Performance Arts Training                                St. James / Christie School of Drama             Chicago, IL

SKILLS:  Improv, Physical comedy, Exceptional Interviewer, Singing, Lip synching, Sailing, Chicago Bulls fan, Horseback riding, Keeping promises, and remaining calm in most natural disasters…earthquakes not included