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Laura & Steve Reasner

“Laurie: My wife and I laugh out loud at your CEO of the House column and the piece in the Los Angeles Family magazine this month. Please let us know when you have another event in the LA area (okay, we could drive to OC if we had to!). We would love to hear your routine in person! Regards,”

Jessica Gallagher

“I have been reading your book, and I love it! It is hilarious! I really enjoyed your speech at the luncheon, it was great! Good luck! Get booked to do the Mary Kay Corp.”

Matt Byars Bethesda, MD

“I saw Laurie perform while visiting family in Hollywood with my parents. We saw her live at the Comedy Store on July 17th. SHE WAS HILARIOUS!! I have never laughed so hard in my life! And please tell Laurie thanks for crackin my whole family up! I hope you can still send the autograph!”

Linda Gravani (MR Real Estate)

“Thanks again for the fun night at the Improv. I’ve seen you before and thought you were funny, but you “shine” as a pregnant woman, in a funny, funny way! I really want to thank you again for doing your “gig” for us at our banquet… YOU are GREAT!!!”

Krista Richey | Lakewood

“I really enjoyed the MOMS Club Founders Day Luncheon this year. Thanks for making us laugh! In the past I needed tissues for all the touching and sad speakers they have had, but this year I needed them because I was laughing so hard!”


“Just thought you might want to know. We had such a great time at the luncheon this year! Everyone is still talking about you. Thanks so much for coming to New Jersey. Below is an email I received that I thought you should see. ‘That comedienne, Laurie McDermott, was such a hit…..

-Laurie Hoffman, SC

“Laurie! Just saw a news clip of you on channel 2. It was filmed at the Laugh Factory for a new TV show. Wanted to wish you good luck on your quest! I’ve seen you live already, I know you will do great.”

Betina Samsung

“Thanks for coming to Houston to do our MC group function. You made us laugh so hard, one girl said she laughed so hard she peed in her pants (can’t say who here!) Thanks for doing what you do, no one else is doing it and it’s inspiring to hear things you say that we DON’T say, we […]

-Sarah Kellerher, Sac

“Dear funny woman that makes fun of everything we are afraid to talk about, you are awesome. That last joke I came home and told my husband. He has to see you, it’ll explain my life to him, cause he doesn’t know…and I live with him! Thanks for making our luncheon a success and flying up to Sacramento.