“Secrets” (Shhhh, keep this between us)

(Shhhh, keep this between us)

  • I use coupons.
  • I cry at everything; birthdays, commercials, football games.
  • I really like my husband.
  • I live in fear of earthquakes and won’t sleep naked; my clothes are next to me at all times.
  • I was adopted.
  • I found my birthparents and discovered I have 5 whole siblings (1 sister and 4 brothers).
  • Richard Roeper is my first cousin.
  • Dylan McDermott is not a relative but I once asked him to pretend so to help my career. He laughed and booted me out of his trailer.
  • I’m always me. Never on. Never off. Just me.
  • I really truly don’t care what other people think of me.
  • I hate hearing the word, “No.”
  • I hate people that don’t RSVP to parties.
  • I hate cliques or closed groups of gossiping girls.
  • I hate people that make other people feel excluded.
  • An old boyfriend took me with him on a double date with a shy friend who was having a 2nd date and needed his buddy’s support. No one told me it was David Kelly and Michelle Pfeiffer’s till they walked in and joined us. I was so nervous I threw up and didn’t speak the whole time.
  • I shop at Wal-mart and don’t care if someone sees me.
  • Paying too much for something makes me physically ill.
  • I drive a mini-van and I love it (I should’ve had one in H.S.)
  • My toes are webbed.
  • I met Jeremy Piven at theater camp when I was 10. I got to dance with him and hold his hand – even back then I thought he was hot.
  • I kill every spider I see, even when I’m in public.
  • I have to take my down pillow with me when I travel.
  • My walls at home are bare – I’m too afraid I’ll commit to a painting I’ll hate in a year.
  • I hate knick-knacks.
  • My furniture is either from college or Ikea..why get anything new when
    someone could barf or color on it?
  • I feel fulfilled when I throw things out.
  • I graduated with honors from college and never read a single book. My secret: I took teachers that tested on what they taught in class and I never missed a single class.
  • My college boyfriend dated Sharon Stone for two years after dating me. Does that mean I was two degrees away from sleeping with her?
  • I own stock in Starbucks but I like Coffee Bean’s Mocha so much better.
  • Grizzle on chicken freaks me out.
  • I’d work in an amusement part every day if they’d let me ride the Roller coasters.
  • My favorite thing to do at night is put on sweats, drink a coke and watch a movie.
  • When I go to the movies, I’ll sneak into three other ones, then when I leave 8 hours later, I can’t remember what I saw.
  • I lose my car in parking lots and rely on the alarm to help me find it.
  • I’ve never done drugs. I’ve never even SEEN cocaine.. ‘cept when a very ‘cheap’ old roommate blew dust off a dollar bill, I innocently said, “If you used your money more it wouldn’t get dusty!”
  • My husband gave me a single ‘hall pass’ to sleep with Bon Jovi. I married a great guy.
  • My best friend died in a car accident I should have been in when I was 19.
  • I think I’m going to die early – so I take chances and have fun and tell people what I really think.
  • I floss every night.
  • I wear Victoria Secret thongs.
  • I’m not allowed to touch the laundry – I mix colors and whites and someone gets mad.
  • After a party at home, I’ll vacuum and mop the floor at 2am.
  • I think this list is silly.

    I hope you learned something.